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Some scientists suggest it’s the actual Garden of Eden

Awarded the No.1 Safari destination in the world in 2019, Tanzania is the only home of our earth’s most endangered, beautiful and important wildlife wonders; the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Great Rift Valley where mankind began her incredible journey. Tanzania is a seaside country sandwiched by 8 distinct nations. And surprisingly not widely published. But after years of being Kenya’s younger sister, Tanzania has awakened as the sleeping giant of safaris. It landscape and experience is the authentic safaris of our collective memories. Tanzania is the must see destination for the Big 5, the Little 5 and the Ugly 5, as well as the Great Migration where 3 million wildbeest and Zebra stampede across the Mara River each summer. Tanzania is the home of the incredibly intelligent Mountain Chimps of the Mahale Mountains and the White Sands of Zanzibar, the mysterious morrish island where the slave trade began in secret. This is the rare jewel of Africa.

Tanzania is the home of the Serengeti. It is one of the oldest national parks in Africa and only located in Tanzania. It is the name the Maasai gave this area meaning “plains without end”. It is truly amazing to be on safari to observe the flat sweeping plains spanning 12,000 square miles. Vast grasslands are only interrupted by rugged kopjes, sharp rock formation hiding wild things of all sorts; the beautiful Leopard, calmly resting awaiting prey to pass by for a quick dinner.

Tanzania is the home of the Ngorongoro Crater, a Unesco World Heritage Site. It can be seen from space and a geographical phenomenon. It is a 3 million year old cal. That’s just a fancy way of describing a collapsed volcano. It was once calculated to be taller than Mt Everest. When it exploded, the sides collapsed in on itself leaving behind a perfect circle with a flat bottomed crater sealed off from the world. Its walls remained intact at 2000 feet high. This is the place you’ll see hundreds of species of wildlife who have never left. They’ve been living and breeding here for millenia.

Tanzania is the only place on earth to witness the Great Migration from start to finish, culminating in the north west corner of the country for the widely anticipated Crossing of the Mara River. Tanzania houses the complete Circle of Life. Not just for a few weeks at the tiny crowded corner of Kenya. Keep in mind, The Circle of Life is literally when 2.5 million wildebeest make their endless journey around the country, forever compelled to complete their journey. They mate, give birth and provide the predators food as they go. As they near the northern corridor, the wildeeest are compelled to cross the rushing Mara River to get to the other side in their never ending search for greener pastures and safe harbor for their young.

Tanzania is the place you will find the tallest mountain in all of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, the largest lake on the continent Lake Victoria, and the most diverse tribal life on the continent. The Great Rift Valley is the place where tens of thousands of years ago the tribes came together and lived in harmony. The Nilotic, Maasai, Bushmen, and Koisen. It is a place full of wonder and peaceful people who are so generous of spirit you’ll be planning your return trip before you board the plane home. And best of all Black Panther Safaris has designed safaris to take you and your family to the vast number of beautiful parts of the country. And while you are doing that, we send a girl to school for every safari we run. Tanzania is magical.

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