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Protecting our Wildlife Heritage is Everyone’s Business!

Our namesake spirit animal is a constant concern of our too. We know everyone’s heart breaks every time we read another report of poaching. Last year, 40 Lions were killed in a 48 hour period in Vietnam for the sole purpose of bone and teeth export. National Geographic recently uncovered an illegal Lion farm in South Africa housing more than 40 malnourished and sick lions. From 2005 until 2015, an incredible 80,000 Elephants were slaughtered in the Selous Game Reserve. These days, its gotten even worse. The COVID pandemic has given way to blatant poaching in the vastness of the African plains.

When you travel with Black Panther Safari we want you to know you are helping to support causes most near and dear to us. Our LionShare Project provides funds to programs that support anti- poaching through trained rangers and K-9 super sniffers. Our promise is that for every dollar earned, we donate 1% to those programs to continue the battle against senseless killing. We want our children’s children to have the unique opportunity to witness these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat as we do now.

Consider becoming part of our Travel Tribe. You can continue learning about ways you can get involved. Come on safari knowing you’ll be contributing to our 1% Promise. If you simply feel com- pelled to donate to the LionShare Project, send us your infomation and we’ll send you a Contribution form. If you’d like a monthly serving of great deals and free advice, please sign up for our Blog. Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

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