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Deliver life-changing, eco-minded, privately-guided, authentic African safaris.

We deliver curated, life-changing, eco-minded, privately-guided authentic African safaris to our clients. And we are so excited to bring them to you. With the expertise of veteran safari guides, we created 10 luxury safaris in our fleet of custom luxury safari trucks to transport you around the African savannah in style. Not only do we tailor-make the safaris, we run them. We teamed up with the best camps, lodges and hotels in Tanzania to care for you in the safest, most authentic, beautifully decorated and modern African accommodations. Over the years, our founder Fred has built close relationships with local tribes both Maasai and Bushmen to bring amazing excursions to our guests. A morning walking safari to Lake Manyara with a Maasai Warrior teaching flora and fauna on the way to show you a pink horizon of 30,000+ flamingos skimcoating the lake. Join a morning hunt with the local tribe of bushmen, the Hazdabe tribe who take you out to find breakfast...well, at least their breakfast. And of course the anticipated game drives at dawn or sunset, the gold standard for spotting the Big 5 of Africa. Nothing thrills us more than seeing the look of surprise and wonder on our guests faces when they see their first elephant or lion. We love Africa!

Take a look at Our Safaris. They range from 7 - 16 days and cover journeys perfect for Teens, Couples, Families, Milestone Celebrations or Cultural Enthusiasts. Itineraries are broken down into day to day, showing Included Excursions and our 4 & 5 star Lodges. We have timed each safari perfectly so you spend the right amount of time traversing the vast Serengeti, the right amount of nights at each incredible lodge, leaving enough downtime to relax before moving on to the next exhilarating sight with plenty of time in between to stop and stare!! You simply fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport. We do the absolute rest.

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Suzanne Eason, Founder & Creative Director

Black Panther Safaris, Ltd


Fred Mushendwa, Founder & African Expert Guide

Black Panther Safaris, Ltd

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