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Exploring the Wild in Our Chic Safari Trucks

We love our Trucks! Here’s the rub. You will be spending a lot of time exploring the wilds on the Serengeti while in a truck, so we decided to craft a super comfortable ride. Our Custom Made Luxury Safari 4 x 4 Land Cruisers are created get you closer to the action and further off the beaten track in extreme comfort. We created a closed vehicle that opens up big. That means when its closed, it protects you from the elements; the sun, the dust, the occasional rain, and the flies! When its open, you enjoy the action up close yet in safety. All the windows and hatches open up 100% including the driver and shotgun seats. And we raised the windshield. Why? So the person in the last seat can see out the front. Best of all, everyone has a window seat!

For all you incredible photogrpahers, we bult this vehicle for you too. All windows pop out entirely! Just let us know before our journey so we can prep. And the roof doubles as a landing pad for the drone. We always have safety equipment on board, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, wi-fi, electric and HDMI plugs behind the seats. We also outfitted the car with an electric winch and chain allowing us the freedom to get muddy. The best feature of course is the pull down picnic table on the front grill. Att the end of an incredible game drive, we can simply stop to watch the sunset while having a nibble and a glass of champagne. Oh yes, did we mention the refrigerator?

We didn’t forget an important ecological issue. It is not lost on us that a truck like this can burn a lot of fossil fuel. So we did a small improvement that adds up big ecologically.
We kept it to a V6 engine and spent 6 months importing 18” Off-Road tires from the US. Smaller engines and larger tires means less rotations per mile, which equals less fuel consumption. And best of all, our fleet means a comfortable ride on your road less travelled.

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