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We are African Safari Experts, not brokers nor lodge owners. We design, create and run expert safaris in Tanzania, the only home of the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. We have our own vehicles and guides and bring you unparalleled value without the middlemen. We therefore can offer expert advice to you on where to go, and what to do without bias. We own and operate our own fleet of luxury safari trucks that are kept in pristine condition. They have the latest technology offered in Africa with the added bonus of over-sized off-road Tires imported from the USA. That means added comfort and better gas consumption. At the moment, no one else in the country has machines quite like ours. We love providing clients with first hand knowledge of the African experience. We know what it takes to travel in comfort, to see the best of the wildlife and to hear the stories of the culture through our African Guides. And our clients love us for that, too.

Our Founder, Fred M. and his team of Safari Experts are permanently based in Tanzania. Most speak at least 3 languages, their own tribal language, Swahili & English. They are well travelled, polite, engaging and fantastic story tellers. And most importantly, they are knowledgable on the flora and fauna of their beloved Africa. Being based on the continent, we can continuously and rigorously look for new lodges, find tribal and cultural experiences to delight you and surpass your expectations.

Because we are African Safari Experts we provide safari experiences that are authentic with the very best lodges and camps in the country. And we have personally vetted them all. Once we feel we have the right itinerary for the right group of clients to the most amazing places in the African savannahs, grasslands and highlands, we know we can focus exclusively on what is right for you.


We are not brokers and do not take commission. We bring these experiences directly to you, the client. We also make our safaris available through brokers so you can confidently use your own agent and we will work with them to provide itineraries that meet your needs. Our goal is to provide unsurpassed experiences and services that transform you and ultimately transform a Maasai girls life forever. Our personal direct relationships with Africa’s top lodges and camps allow us to offer you the best rates and unsurpassed value possible. When we provide you with a tailor-made itinerary, there are no surprises. We offer 100% free and unbiased advice – in return, you are guaranteed Black Panther Safaris best value.


We take care of your entire itinerary. Once you land at Kilimanjaro International Airport, we take care of every detail: your transfers, transportation, activities, accommodation, internal flights - everything. Our experienced Safari Experts match your preferences to hand selected lodges and activities and take care of every little detail, making sure you have the most memorable safari experience possible. Every supplier recommended has been tried and tested by us to deliver exceptional service, great value and good business practices.


Your money is important to keep safe. So we keep your deposit in an FDIC account until you book your dates and your final payment is received on the due date. Your non-refundable deposit is held in a FDIC US bank until payment is required at the hotels, lodges and camps where you will be staying. This will guarantee your reservation. Deposits to hotels and lodges are non-refundable to us and therefore to you. However, we use only a select few accredited hotels who have shown integrity and passion to keep clients happy.

Another way we offer protection is our world-class online payment system, which is endorsed by Paypal, through which you can choose American Express, Visa and MasterCard, and ultimately ensures your peace of mind.


There is nothing more important to us than our clients safety and enjoyment. Our ultimate goal is to bring you back to Africa many more times.
Not only do we take care of all the details of your booking, we also reconfirm each individual service before you travel, leaving nothing to chance. In addition, you will have a direct, 24/7 phone line to get help or advice at any time once you are on safari.

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