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Education for Girls is Good Business

In Tanzania every child under the age of 18 is required to go to school. The tuition is free. However, every child must bring their own food, mattress, clothes, uniforms, books. Not every Maasai family can afford or want to buy their children these things. And so by age 14, girls are often denied further education and are instead promised or married to start their own house or “Boma’. Then shortly thereafter starting a family, they never reach their potential or perhaps never truly understand anything outside their own village and the imperatives of their African wildlife hertiage around them.

We started the Legacy Scholarship to support girls who want to stay in school. The mandatory supplies don’t add up to much by US standards, but to a Maasai family it might mean the difference between selling a valuable cow and starving. Statistically speaking, educating a girl is economically good for her community. If she is more educated she in turn will know more about herself, her community, her country and its precious African wildlife. Through education she will be more likely to become its’ advocate. She’ll be more likely take an active part in her countries concerns in addition to the concerns of her village. She will go on to protect both of them; for herself and the next generations to come. That’s simply good business.

Black Panther Safaris made a promise at its very beginning to send a girl to school for every safari we book. 1% of our proceeds goes to a providing scholarships to girls in financial need. Based on educational criteria we provide financial assistance to purchase the things the scholar needs to attend school. She can simply continue her secondary level schooling and her family is not be forced to marry or sell her. Our clients are welcome to come to know this child and even go on to sponsor her throughout her schooling years for as long as you wish. If that is not your thing, then simply be excited to know that the very safari you book with us hassent a girl to school for a year, and most definitely changed her life and our world forever. Now, that makes good sense and responsible travel.

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