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We understand the current global situation has created a lot of uncertainty and we all have concerns, especially around travel. As earth's most resilient species our love of travel will drive us to find solutions. We have all seen successfully navigated crisises and global disruptions resolved. This situation is no different. Until then, however, Black Panther Safaris is 100% committed to curating “once in a lifetime trips” while supporting Maasai girls in school, plus our 1% promise to providing ongoing support for lion and wildlife conservation, the Maasai communities, and general sustainability. This is of utmost importance in Africa, now more than ever!

One of the best things about safari is the impact your trip will have for generations beyond the memories you create. First of all, your visit will put a girl through school for a year. Think about that. You’ll be changing the projection of a young person in her life who will come to learn more about her country not just her tribe, who in turn will learn about the safari industry that supports and protects the wildlife. She will see the imperative for the African Wild to remain whole and healthy. And through education, she will come to protect and serve this precious Circle of Life.

You’ll be helping to squash the pervassive poaching trade. Safari Guides are usually the first to spot poachers and report illegal activities to authorities. When you go on safari you help that effort. It is our personal mission to continue protecting animals that are increasingly at least for extinction. We do this by employing people in rural communities, providing funding for education and supporting programs that provide Poaching survelance.. Without travel, without tourism, without safaris, without you, it becomes impossible to protect them.

If you are curious about safari but wary of travelling, we want to provide information on how and why you can book a safari for late 2020 or 2021 and beyond. Your safety is always our main concern and we want to ensure you have full peace of mind before you decide to book. To find out more about how we are handling travel amidst COVID-19 we will be writing more on our blog.



With many travellers deferring their 2020 trips into 2021, availability is becoming tight. If you were thinking of a safari late this year or next year, now is the time to start exploring if you want to secure our best-recommended accommodations. Join our mailing list for the latest on special rates. Many of our safaris will be going on sale in mid June.


Given the travel restrictions and commitment to self-quarantining, our hotel, lodge and camp partners are offering unprecedented flexibility. You are generally able to defer your trip up to 1 year from your travel date without penalty. Speak to our experts for the details around each option you are considering.


Many of our partners are offering specials for those willing to travel as early as late 2020, but still offering the safety of deferral. Keep in mind however, these prices won’t last long. There will be rate increases for 2021. So lock in your safari as early as you feel comfortable. The savings will be attractive. In addition, the US Dollar continues to deliver great value, particularly in Tanzania.


Its never too early to connect with our specialists. We so look forward to you joining us on your journey to Africa.

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